I am now in transition, exploring different materials focused on actual three-dimensional sculpture — Stay tuned…

Kathe Gregory


PhotoDrawings: Tiny reliefs created from visually interesting objects found on the street (rusted metal, twisted and flattened wire, shards of plastic) which are photographed at high resolution, printed very large and enhanced with colored pencil


Artist’s Statement 

As a child, my favorite things were to build structures with my erector set and to color with crayons.  My current work is a manifestation of those loves.

For years – with no particular purpose in mind – I have been collecting small objects I find on the street: pieces of rusted metal, shards of broken plastic, twisted and flattened wire – all visual treasures.  Sometimes I know what these pieces once were: a wooden ice cream spoon, a bottle cap, a washer, a muffler, the head of a hoe – but mostly they are simply mysterious, wonderful textured forms.

I began to play with these pieces, putting several together and glued to form a relief.  With these little reliefs – mostly only 3-6” tall – came the question, what would happen if they were enlarged?  So I had them photographed at a high resolution and printed poster size with unexpected and exciting results.  Colors were sometimes not like the reliefs, varying textures were intensified and in some cases depth was lost.  So I turned to my colored pencils and enhanced them, giving them a distinct and different personality.  Since I have no idea when I start each phase how they look in the end, I love the process of finding out.